How do we write

Our writing style sets us apart from the competition.

Through our writing, we want to bring our brand promise to life. We want our words to work harder for your business.

To do this, we write with a clear sense of purpose and naturally.

Writing with a purpose

Writing with a purpose isn’t automatically about writing less. It’s simply about logical and easy to follow order of what we write and making our words count. Most people – especially at senior positions – want to read clear & concise information.

That is why we are starting the documents with the important parts that otherwise might come at the end – conclusions, recommendations, actions.

We include more detail later in the document, so that those who aren’t interested don’t have to read it (or don’t lose interest before coming to the important part).

Writing naturally

Writing more naturally is just about writing in a way that’s as easy as possible to read. We’re following Einstein’s advice: ‘Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler. We are taking on difficult ideas by communicating those ideas as clearly as we can.

You are looking for understanding, ideas, hard work and results. And more natural language will make it easier for us to demonstrate those things.

  • We put ourselves in our readers’ shoes;
  • We pick out the most important points;
  • We break it up with subheadings;
  • We put more everyday words into our writing;
  • We keep our sentences short;
  • We make it personal;
  • We cut anything obvious or formulaic
  • We say our main point first;
  • We give our opinions clearly
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