Entity governance and compliance


With regulation, risk and legal entity management gaining increasing prominence board responsibilities have never been broader or greater.

While most multinational companies have been careful to comply with parent company compliance and governance requirements, many are still exposed to significant risk when it comes to internal controls over their overseas subsidiaries. A constantly shifting regime of regulatory developments, local business customs and compliance requirements mean you must be vigilant in managing your legal entity structures globally.

Our company secretarial team deals with each business within its own context. We understand that some industries and sectors are highly regulated and it can be challenging to navigate the complex legal requirements of corporate compliance in Macedonia. Our experienced professionals are committed to providing you with pragmatic and unique insights to respond to your business needs in different areas.

We share with you our experience of effective governance and our framework of subsidiary risk management with global perspectives. We are offering:


  • Advise on the best practices of corporate governance standards and changes to relevant legislations
  • Advise on setting corporate governance policies and subsidiary governance framework (for example, board composition and authority framework)
  • Handle the procedures and disclosure requirements for changes of corporate and capital structure
  • Our team can help you in dealing with on-going and annual compliance and entity maintenance matters
  • Provide directors training
  • Assist in dealing with corporate actions of your company to ensure compliance with its constitutional documents and the latest local rules and regulations
  • Advise and assist companies with reporting and compliance requirements of the Macedonian Listing Rules
  • Facilitate holding of committee, directors' and shareholders' meetings and drafting of the relevant minutes and corporate documents
  • Compliance check view

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