State Aid


Public authorities financially support private businesses through various funding programmes.

Any public assistance could be a state aid and must comply with Macedonian regulative on state aid.

We at Papazoski and Mishev Law Firm help you to avoid irregularities in the application for and the utilization of state resources and advise you on all state aid aspects. Our experts are highly qualified, experienced and very well connected. They know exactly what matters when making use of state aid. We communicate with organisations responsible for the allocation of public resources in Macedonia.

We have unrivalled experience in the region of advising on this complex and little understood area. We have acted for State bodies granting aid, potential aid recipients and third party objectors. We are able to use the flexibility of the rules and our knowledge of procedure and risk to provide innovative solutions which deliver the outcomes you need.

As regards the Macedonian regulation on state aid, we offer:

  • preparation of analyses and legal opinions on applying for state aid;
  • structuring of ventures and transactions to ensure that they comply with state aid regulations;
  • advisory on investment projects co-financed by state aid;
  • assessment of whether asset transfers are in compliance with the state aid regulation;
  • advisory on state aid for restructuring processes;
  • advisory in dispute proceedings related to state aid;
  • also we perform the procedure of submitting of notification for granting state aid, as well as the procedure for monitoring of the existing state aid.

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