Securities Law

How are we helping:

  • Providing legal advice on all aspects of the Macedonian and EU capital markets legislation, whether it concerns the taking up of the business of an investment firm, asset management company, regulated market, or conduct of business rules for such business, or the structuring of novel financial instruments, or the rules on companies going public or delisting, or the rules on market integrity;
  • Representing clients, in licensing, authorization, notification, prospectus authorization, take-over bid filing, and other proceedings, before the Authorities;
  • Advising the  clients on matters of compliance with general financial industry regulations such as consumer protection rules, personal data protection, rules against money-laundering and the financing of terrorism;
  • Advising the companies on all corporate law and governance, corporate finance law, organizational and regulatory aspects of the strategic decision to go public, or delist; we can advise selling shareholders and management in the process of a company going public;
  • Advising the public companies and their directors on the ongoing regulatory and inside information disclosure rules;
  • Advising market participants and public company directors on their duties and liabilities;
  • Representing our clients in court and before arbitrators concerning rights arising under capital markets transactions or as a result of market abuse;
  • Legal assistance in the issue of share;
  • Advising the clients on securitization of assets, through real estate investment trusts, structured products or otherwise.

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